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Humble Beginnings

As a supplier of alloy wheels for over 3 decades, KII Racingline (pronounced as "K2 Racingline") has actively contributed to the evolution of wheel designs. From true classics to real bad-asses, we are always adding new designs to our extensive collection. 

KII, based in Malaysia has a long history in the alloy wheel industry. It started from humble beginnings by people passionate about wheels and cars. Today, we have established a strong market presence and a Countrywide Dealer Network. Thanks to our dedicated team who have the technical knowledge about alloy wheels and a strong sense of customer service, we are able to serve customers in every state in Malaysia and internationally.


While it is one of our priorities to supply distinctive sport rims that are visually appealing, it is not our only priority. We are always concerned about the safety of our customers and anyone who ride on our wheels. KII has become known in the industry for distributing high performance forged, flow-formed and cast wheels manufactured to the highest standards. 

We operate with long-term environmental sustainability in mind. We take on an active role in promoting sustainability by serving today's generation without jeopardizing the needs of future generation. We believe that supplying alloy wheels that are light as a feather to reduce fuel consumption is just as important as bringing satisfaction to our customers every time they look at their slick set of wheels.

In the world of change, some things remain the same. Our love for sport rims and commitment to our customers have never changed since day one.

Exceeding customer expectations is our goal.

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